Zumba Music Favorites – 2012

14 10 2012

(ZIN) Zumba Instructor Picks, September 2012:

Torero by Chayanne (available on I-Tunes or Mega Mix 30)

Crazy Love by Mara (I-Tunes or ZIN Vol 39)

Without a Doubt by Bianka (I-Tunes)

Something for the DJ’s by Pitbull (I-Tunes)

She Ain’t You by Chris Brown (I-Tunes)

Pasarela by Daddy Yankee (I-Tunes)

Goin’ In by J.Lo (I-Tunes)

Ponte Los Tenis (ZIN Volume 40)

Boombastic by Shaggy (I-Tunes)

Getting Nasty by KCB ft Lady Lauryn (I-Tunes or ZIN Vol 40)

Currently my classes’ favorites are:

Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars (I-Tunes)

Gasolina by Daddy Yankee (I-Tunes)

Buttons by Pussy Cat Dolls ft Snoop (I-Tunes)

Bimbola by Pablo Bachata (I-Tunes or ZIN Vol 29



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